Procurement Service

Procurement Service

This service enables us to procure any items in Nigeria or make any international payment like SEVIS Fee, WES Fee, Admission Deposit and Goods on your behalf direct from USA, EUROPE, UAE, and any country of your choice. Please note the following for all Procurement/Payment orders:

  1. No extra charge irrespective of the type of items, after final invoice has been accepted by you.
  2. You agree that you are fully aware and have made full enquiry on the necessary and material details relating to the item you have asked us to procure, and that you agree that our role is merely to make payment on your behalf and deliver the items to your doorsteps.
  3. You also agree and are aware that procured items are shipped as received from your selected retailer, and that we have no obligation to open, test or verify for any latent defect in item but may take reasonably necessary steps to spot out patent damage before shipping.
  4. You also agree that you are fully aware of the store’s return policy for defective items as well as the time limit for return of such items, and that failure to return any such item within the relevant period is at your risk.
  5. You agree that you have verified the authenticity of the stores/site from which you want us assist you procure an item, and you agree to fully indemnify and hold us harmless against any loss or damage that may arise from purchases through a fraudulent site or store; that we reserve the right to refuse to purchase items from any store for any reason, and we do not purchase items from stores that require us to bid, except where such items have a “buy now” price that supersedes the need to bid against other customers.
  6. You also agree that custody of your items remains with the store/site until items are delivered to our warehouse and signed for by one of our warehouse employees. You agree that we are not liable for the cost of items paid for but not delivered due to reasons such as a fraudulent store, or inability of the courier company to deliver it to the right location. In cases where items paid for are not delivered, you agree that you will be refunded only after the store refunds us for the cost of the items, and all processing fee incurred have been deducted.
  7. You agree that we have up to 96 hours after payment is made to place the order with the store for Procurement orders that are not marked as urgent and for which an urgency processing fee was not paid. You agree that once your order is placed, we are not responsible for any delays in shipping the product from the store and that shipping time is based on your selected preference or on the terms and conditions of the store. Urgent orders must be specifically made. In this wise, the order will be placed within 36 hours provided an Urgency (Processing) Fee accompanied the order.
  8. You agree that you are aware that delivery of items through our Procurement service after all items in your order have reached our warehouse is subject to the same terms and conditions as our normal shipments. You are aware that our role in the Procurement process is limited to making payment on your behalf and instructing the store to deliver the item to our selected warehouse address location. Thereafter, the Procurement and Shipping rules as contained in this Terms and Conditions shall apply. You also agree that we have up to 15 working days for the delivery of all goods using our Procurement service if items are to be air freighted; that where we are not able to deliver such goods for reasons beyond our control, all costs incurred by us will be paid by you.
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