Have you ever noticed how most customers of major brands passionately talk about why they prefer such brands? What set of factors do you imagine would create such a devoted customer base that grows from year to year? It is interesting to know that it costs more to gain a new customer than it does to retain one. So, how can you achieve this?

On today’s post, we are sharing with you 3 tips to build a loyal customer base

1. Serve with Empathy

Walk in the shoes of your customer
Not all customers understand your product offerings, empathy helps you go the extra mile in meeting their actual needs. This involves creating solutions with your customers foremost in mind. For instance, how accessible are your products? How long do they wait for delivery after payment? Do they share feedback with you easily about products or services? Are their concerns genuinely investigated and sorted?

The answers to these questions can make or mar your brand. Empathy from the customer’s perspective is all about service and a brand with good customer service always wins.

An option to consider could be, after transacting with customers, create a channel to swiftly resolve complaints in a soothing manner. Also, don’t forget to add those mini-personalized thank you notes or a free time-based supplementary service to make a customer feel reassured.

2. Build Trust

Trust is the basis on which lasting relationships are built. Trust in itself is reliability, transparency, and quality.
Trust starts with honest and clear communication. No customer wants to feel undermined or cheated. From the start, make sure you understand their need and they in turn are clear about your product and terms.
To make customers loyal to your brand, here are some strategies to apply-

Be available to your customers and allow them to freely interact with you

People tend to buy on emotion, not logic, make sure the quality of your product justifies their purchase. Selling low-quality products after talking a good game is sure to draw negative reviews, leading to mistrust and decreased credibility in the market.

Being transparent means recognizing and being open about both your strengths and weaknesses. Honesty shows you care about your customers and their needs and also your willingness to help them get the results they are looking to achieve.

Bring value to your clients:
Do you put your customer first, or do you put revenue first?
People know when they are just a naira sign to you and while they may still buy from you if your product solves their challenge, this does not build long-term trust or encourage repeat sales.

3. Be Consistent

Keep Delivering Value
A steady growing customer base is built with patience and consistency. Maintaining consistency ensures that your prospects and customers know what to expect. You can set both internal and external goals to maintain help you maintain service quality
The building block of any consistent brand comprises your-
Message – which is an extension of your actions and behavior;
Design – makes you easily recognizable; and
Delivery – offering the expected brand experience.

A customer who is happy with your product and service will not only become a repeat buyer but will also convince their friends and others to do business with you. This builds loyalty which will grow your customer base and ultimately increase revenue for you. For every interaction with them, always put on your best show. As they say, Customer is King.